The Two Fishermen

In 1990 while driving home dead tired from a gig in Pottstown, PA – Lenny feel asleep at the wheel and flipped his car over at 4am. There were 2 fishermen up at that time and miraculously dragged him out of the burning car right before it exploded. (“Though you walk through the fire, you will not be burned..”) These fishermen dropped Lenny off at the nearest hospital and disappeared. For the following 10 years, Lenny’s mother ran an ad in the newspapers on the accidents’ anniversary seeking out these fishermen with no response at all.  She is now convinced these men were Lenny’s guardian angels!

After realizing he had been given a 2nd chance decided to do something special with his life. Lenny devoted himself to giving back the gift of music he realized God graced him with, along with a passion to continually improve. A short time later, after finding himself homeless, without a car, no job, and struggling to make it in the local music scene, Lenny ventured into the business world and found Primerica (or Primerica found him), which literally changed his life forever!

This surprising turn of events had me put music on hold for for next 10 years to build a foundation of a business that now has his family financially independent. Lenny can now finally pursue the dream of music at the highest level, with the freedom and fun recording while playing live with many diverse bands!

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