It’s Finally Here!

I am thrilled to announce the release of the awaited Vessel “Battle Begins” CD. This CD of 10 songs, telling the story from our epic birth to the ongoing battle we fight, was an honor to do, and the beginning of a wonderful musical quest we’ve only just begun.  Styles ranging from  rock, blues, progressive and even a bit of flamenco styles due to the diverse talent of all the great musicians and singers involved.   My prayer is that you are as blessed hearing it as we all felt writing, recording, and mixing it.  Click here to go to the Cd trailer and here for our site’s new store.

Join us at our CD release party at Full Gospel Fellowship, Sunday 9/18/11 from 1-3pm.
1315 Harwood Road
Village of Harwood, Route 924
Hazle Township, PA. 18202

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