Dynamic Blue

Starting innocently at an open mic night July 2010, a regular group of people started consistently showing up.  Vowing never to call themselves a band, the demand for the band’s unique energy and flow necessitated an official name.  Playing the standards of party classic rock, infused with plain old blues jamming, make up a fun show for all ages.

With the intensity, focus and the coordination of normal band demands, the band creates an outlet where these musicians never rehearse together (not even allowed:) and play only a few times every month to have fun, meet new friends, and basically host a blues party. No stress, no egos, no drama, all family, and a breath of fresh air!  Keep in touch with this band of merry men and women on their facebook page.

Bernie Magagnon Celeste Kucinski Christine Barnes Bobbie Kucinski Lenny Kucinski Tom Alfano Joe Whalen

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