Breathless Expectation


2011 was a year of so many lessons learned and countless things to be grateful for. Ending the year with the 10th Anniversary tour of 12/24 was a musical career high for us. We traversed 16 cities in 40 days of spreading the Christmas Spirit to people of all ages. It’s an honor to be part of so many wonderful family’s annual holiday traditions, and to share the stage with so much talent and positive energy!

Now it’s time to head into a whole new year of possibilities!

With the birth of our first child now on its way, along with the many exciting albums that will be born this year from the studio, our anticipation couldn’t be higher for the most blessed year yet.

Christmas Is Near!

Just got back from the most amazing 4 day songwriters convention in LA with 1000 people from 100 countries to learn from, get mentored by, and network with the biggest names in the music industry business. Was the most impactful time of our entire music career. Stay tuned for the developments and open doors God provided there.
Now, tis the season for 12/24- where everyday is like Christmas Eve as we spread the joy of the reason for the season across 15 cities this year in 40 days. Follow us on facebook or our site!

Our Submission Is In. . . Fingers Crossed!

It’s almost time for the 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards ceremony. For the first time ever, our band, Vessel, is under consideration for “best new artist” and “recorded song of the year” nominations.

Of course, a nomination alone would be an honor, but let’s face it, winning this prestigious award would be achieving a lifetime goal!

Plus, our newest video is out for the track Call Waiting. Check out the pictures of the ranch that started it all and let us know what you think:

So much going on — none of which could have been achieved without your support and the unconditional love of God.

We’ll keep you posted on outcomes.
Gratefully, LennyK

Georgia Dome ONS 2007

Cool Gig This Weekend

Looking forward to playing the Chateau Elan in Georgia with One Night Stand this weekend for Primerica’s Millionaires In Training. It’s a 3 day adventure for a 2 hour show.

What a venue, what a band, what a biz!  

It’s Finally Here!

I am thrilled to announce the release of the awaited Vessel “Battle Begins” CD. This CD of 10 songs, telling the story from our epic birth to the ongoing battle we fight, was an honor to do, and the beginning of a wonderful musical quest we’ve only just begun.  Styles ranging from  rock, blues, progressive and even a bit of flamenco styles due to the diverse talent of all the great musicians and singers involved.   My prayer is that you are as blessed hearing it as we all felt writing, recording, and mixing it.  Click here to go to the Cd trailer and here for our site’s new store.

Join us at our CD release party at Full Gospel Fellowship, Sunday 9/18/11 from 1-3pm.
1315 Harwood Road
Village of Harwood, Route 924
Hazle Township, PA. 18202

Future Plans

What’s N.E.X.T.?

Thanks to my wife Bobbie’s support and our business with Primerica, I am able to pursue my newest passion of recording, engineering, and producing in our home studio all day every day. I’m excited about the possibility of breaking into the film and TV music industry now as well.  I have a new publicist and website designer Mark Espinosa from southern California, and my sister Gina Whalen as business manager.

I feel I’m in a flow in my life now where I have balance, peace, overwhelming gratitude and joy, and feel like I’m doing what I was created by God to do. Life is such a blessing!

Introducing Studio Independence!

Located right in our home in Eagle Rock Resort in the Blue Mountains of PA, this full size, full service studio offers state of the art Protools recording sessions for all of my personal and band projects and is an accredited Disc Makers Studio Partner.  Surrounded by  all four beautiful Pa seasons makes this a haven sometimes too hard to leave!

2005 Georgia Dome Clip