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Breathless Expectation

         2011 was a year of so many lessons learned and countless things to be grateful for. Ending the year with the 10th Anniversary tour of 12/24 was a musical career high for us. We traversed 16 cities in 40 days of spreading the Christmas Spirit to … [Read More...]

Christmas Is Near!

Just got back from the most amazing 4 day songwriters convention in LA with 1000 people from 100 countries to learn from, get mentored by, and network with the biggest names in the music industry business. Was the most impactful time of our entire music career. Stay tuned for the developments and … [Read More...]

Our Submission Is In. . . Fingers Crossed!

It's almost time for the 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards ceremony. For the first time ever, our band, Vessel, is under consideration for "best new artist" and "recorded song of the year" nominations. Of course, a nomination alone would be an honor, but let's face it, winning this prestigious award … [Read More...]


Cool Gig This Weekend

Looking forward to playing the Chateau Elan in Georgia with One Night Stand this weekend for Primerica's Millionaires In Training. It's a 3 day adventure for a 2 hour show. What a venue, what a band, what a biz!   … [Read More...]


It’s Finally Here!

I am thrilled to announce the release of the awaited Vessel "Battle Begins" CD. This CD of 10 songs, telling the story from our epic birth to the ongoing battle we fight, was an honor to do, and the beginning of a wonderful musical quest we've only just begun.  Styles ranging from  rock, blues, … [Read More...]


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